About us old

About Us

   Canadian Integral Business CIB Inc. is one of the faster growing companies in North of America, based on Montréal, QC, Canada.
CIB Inc. became general umbrella covers all our deep diversity business fields’ experiences since 2008.

   CIB Inc. works in three different sectors:
(Industrial, Technologies and Natural Resources.)

   CIB Inc. has very strong consultation experiences, successful investment expertise and strong financial base.
   We work with all North American, global governmental and private sectors.
Now our business expands to USA, Turkey, North of Africa, Sweden, Austria and GCC.

About us old

“We can…Together” ©

Company History

Canadian Integral Business Inc. (CIB Inc.)’S team forces have more than 20 years of experiences in diversity business fields inside and outside Canada which is gathering now under one umbrella is CIB Inc.

   CIB Inc. started its business in consultation & investments services between North of America and GCC. We started our food industry business sector in Food Industry/ Québec territory in AAA steer meat for “local, USA & overseas market”.  CIB Inc. deals in franchise international trade markets café & Restaurants.

CIB Inc. had lunched its Heath IT technology services, big data technology, statistical services and Data analysis programs.  

CIB Inc.  Created first Lady fashion, mode and style Trade mark “La-Ky” with Eco-Health modern approach in Canadian textile industry.

CIB Inc. established its Standardization project in north of America including; industrial, medical, administration, sales and marketing standards.

CIB Inc. has new born Media Production Company.


What the CIB Inc. does?!

CIB Inc. has consulate & invests services including:
1. Food Industry& Franchising.
2. Health IT services & big data managements.
3. Business HR, Leadership, sales and marketing training & workshops.
4. Standerzation program.
5. Media Production.
6. Natural resources investments.



   CIB Inc. confidences in its deep experiences & believes in cooperation between great players in different business sectors between Canada and rest of the world.  


CIB Inc. mission is to be active partner with our customers providing innovative and sustainable technical solution helping them to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risks with peace in global environment.

Core Values

   As CIB Inc.  Continue to grow and evolve, as its values anchor us, remind us of what we are striving to achieve, and from where we draw our inspiration. Our goal is always to be innovative making investing simple, intuitive, and economic for all customers.

CIB Inc. has 3 core principles: 
– Passion.
– Authenticity. 
– Achievable.

CIB Inc.

Goals & Objectives

CIB Inc. business goals and targets are;

   1. Profitability
         Increasing CIB revenue annually by 9-11% with very balances budget & expenses limiting.

   2. Customer Service
            a.   CIB believe in “Client is client”& in “Client is the key of our progresses “it doesn’t matter their business scale or capitals.
            b.   CIB supplies its clients with professional services, excellent products.
            c.   CIB services developments through our professional team work directly meeting with our customers and follow up their needs, services we offers. 

   3. Efficiency
       a. Team work efficiency.
       b. Services efficiency. 
       c. Time efficiency.
       d. Investment efficiency.

   4.   Growth
        CIB Inc. grow its business operation in different countries in EU, GCC, Turkey and North Africa.

    5. Business strategy
         CIB Inc. general strategy depends on horizontal integration, vertical acquisition.

     6.   Economic intent
         CIB Inc. intent on Technology gains with reasonable economic financial & balanced investment.


Connect With Us


Canadian Integral Business Inc.

Head Office: 3 Place Ville Marie Suite 400 Montréal QC H3B 2E3. 

Office 2: 19- 5325 Rue Dudemaine | Montréal, QC | H4J1N9 | Mobile: +15145726699| 

Email: irlige.sherif@cibpartners.com

Tele.: +5145726699


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